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~ a message from Sanjeshka ~

While setting up my show, I looked at the movement of the curtains hitting the structure of the Edicola. I saw very clearly the ghost of a great artist and said, “Bye Christo”. It was the only nice thing I had said to myself, I was very tense. The resemblance was evident, my friends working on the show with me smiled at my comment and felt relieved.
I come home after a long day of work and find out that Christo has died. When I wrote to my friends - “Christo è morto.” they thought I was delirious, as in italian it reads “Jesus is dead”. It all makes sense somehow.
We love you Christo.

The performance will take place inside the Edicola Radetzky.
If you are a visitor, can see me living inside the Edicola and freely take pictures and videos.

However in order to interact with me, you have to use the the internet. There will be a live stream of the entire performance on twitch.tv/sanjeshka where you can check on me during the day or let me live on your screen while you go on with your day.
You can also send or leave me gifts in front of the edicola or donate on twitch. You can chat with me through instagram @sanjeshka and I encourage you to publish our conversations as this is part of the performance.

During the day, I will be speaking on twitch, and I will use this attention to talk about police brutality and the european perception of what is going on in the US.
I will read the names of the innocent americans killed.

TODAY 2.06.2020 ︎︎︎ follow Sanjeshka via streaming and interact with her


The Imperceptible Rise of Perversely Peaceful Jokers

a solo show by Sanjeshka curated by Contemporary Attitude
opening with performance on 02.06.2020 from 11:00 to 9:00 pm

the exhibition will be on from 02.06.20 to 14.06.20 (24/7) at Edicola Radetzky, Viale Gorizia (Darsena), Milano

Contemporary Attitude is happy to announce its collaboration with the artist-run space Edicola Radetzky, presenting UNSUCCESSFUL - The Imperceptible Rise of Perversely Peaceful Jokers, a solo show by Serbian artist Sanjeshka

The exhibition will open on 2.06.2020 with a performance from 11 am to 9 pm

A closed-off interior, seen from the outside.
Typical curtains of the Milanese balconies, green or green + white striped curtains hide an interior that probably houses an unsuccessful individual. Sanjeshka interchanges the two words “Joker” and “Worker”, using either one or the other, as if to say the same thing.

A worker / joker, that has all the possibilities of contemporary society but chooses to confine himself to a small warm room.
Is it depression or choice? The symptoms might look the same.
These interiors are not associated with the fresh-new-hyper-society of achievement and self-exploitation, but with failure - with the unburdened and the hidden. 

Who hangs green curtains in Milano?

Sanjeshka’s previous work and performance involves ASMR readings of books and notes, which further emphasize an environment that under-produces but generates thought.

Her work stems from contemporary philosophy and poetry, in particular from the work of Byung Chul Han.

The Opening / Live and Online Performance
June the 2nd, from 11 am to 9 pm

The opening of the exhibition at Edicola Radetzky on June the 2nd, turns into a ten-hour performance, from 11 am to 9 pm.

Sanjeshka will inhabit the exhibition space as a domestic space. She will perform intimate acts, each of them representing the expansion of the artist's daily practices.

A constant interaction with visitors of the exhibition and online users will be possible via a continuous internet live stream and posts to different social media networks during the entire duration of the performance.

Just like in the artist's latest works, the performance will contain various stages and layers, one of which is her interpretation of the technique of ASMR, that in the artist’s words <<brings care and empathy through the encounter with intellectual pleasures.>>


Reading Books to Unsuccessfull Workers
a performance by Sanjeshka curated by Contemporary Attitude
performer: Alessandra Gagliotti
location: Assab One, Milano

photo eye 1: Riccardo Dogana
video eye 2: Pierluigi Anselmi
video eye 3: Whitepapers Visuals


                                                                                Pictures by Riccardo Dogana

a film by Pierluigi Anselmi

a film by Whitepaper Visuals