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/Internazionale Corazon (2018-2019)

Internazionale Corazon is a public art project on the themes of cultural contamination and meeting with communities through participatory practices and artistic rituals.

2 dresses, embroidery of pallets on satin and chenille;
video installation, dual screen, 14 '; 
printing on silver letterpress paper.

1-2 Barbara, courtesy of the artist
3-4 Andrea e Lorenzo, courtesy of the artist
5 Alexander, courtesy of the artist

In contemporary societies characterized by profound migratory flows, the landscape assumes an essential collective cultural value for the different communities that inhabit it; although some of its elements may represent symbolic references for certain groups, they can give the collective landscape a new value and meaning.

Internazionale Corazon started in 2018 through an extensive territorial workshop attended by young second generation dancers Sambos de Corazon and the student of Caravaggio artistic high school in Milano, a "peer" space in which to get to know, exchange and contaminate visual and movement codes, in a short circuit between traditions and indigenous contemporaneity.

The traditional caporales clothes and the dances of the Sambos de Corazon have been reinvented in a syncretic and contaminated way by the new signs and symbols that make up the new collective landscape around Via Padova.

The costumes, made in Bolivia, have been embroidered with recurring symbols, colors and expressions in the neighborhood to become medium to affirm the centrality of the meeting between different cultures and identities, in the construction of a new city, in its practices and meanings: a relationship that is established in the physical dimension of bodies, real platforms and places for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge through movement and performativity.  IC returns this idea by involving citizen dancers with very different artistic and family backgrounds in a collective work in the city made of original dances and performances, inviting you to immerse yourself in new alphabets, made of bodies and movement, in search of a new shared landscape.


performance on the occasion of Biennolo 2019, courtesy of the artist

Through a participatory methodology, Francesca Marconi collaborated with migrants, asylum seekers in Trentino and communities to create and collect new maps; the project expands with new landscapes gradually added to build up an imaginary cartography, to broaden the discussion on our history by rethinking together a new human Pangea.

Cartography of the horizon is a project that uses artistic processes to investigate and reactivate social dynamics related to identity, migration and border-scape issues. As in a new atlas, real and virtual territories and communities connect in a new pangea, through multidisciplinary research, which intertwines documentary and fictional elements.

"Pangea Proxima" becomes a supercontinent that incorporates all the main land masses on Earth, which means you could go from Africa to Alaska, but it will take about 250 million years.


In an era of accelerated global interconnections, time and space to create physical and affective are increasingly weakened.

On the occasion of MiAbito, Francesca Marconi participates with a laboratory, a space and a time of reflection on the relationship with others, or with the other outside ourselves through the experimentation of personal and collective practices and the creation of clothes-devices, functional to achieving a shape to reach the connection we need.

1 cactus, courtesy of the artist;
2, 3, 4 sisterhood, courtesy of the artist
5 wind © Cesare LoPopolo, Anna Vezzosi;
6 universe © Cesare LoPopolo, Anna Vezzosi.

Clothes are membranes open to gather relationships, energies, if invested with a role or a role desire, can become a vector of an action that produces an experience.

Wearing is a 'performance' itself, a practice of potential interconnection, therefore each time you wear it, a new ritual is performed.


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