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Contemporary Attitude aims to investigate contemporary art through artists practice and artworks that represent an in-between art and fashion.

Artists have often found themselves involved with utility and fabrics, working on clothes as one of the first medium of analysis of their bodies, a politic language that redefines cultural movements and investigates rituals of culture and codes of society. This practice flows in an art in-between, where three dimensional forms shape quasi-wearable dresses, accessories and direct interventions on prêt-à-porter clothes that often challenge the concept of fashion itself. The Archive section aims to examine this reality and offer a chronological overview of the practice of several selected artists.

Since June 2019, we invite artists to overcome the margins of their own research and go beyond the boundaries imposed by their usual practice, in order to create unique styles, collectable and wearable artworks. These are the projects collected in our Commissioned section.

Since February 2020 CA also operates  offline, curating performances and private events, here presented in the CAoffline section.


ELEONORA ANGIOLINI Co-founder and director
GIULIANA BENASSI Co-founder and producer (Rome)
ALESSIO DE GIROLAMO Co-founder and producer
SARA BOLOGNA Communication strategist
ALESSANDRA GAGLIOTI Video art director and producer

Special Projects

SANJA PUPOVAC Art director
LUIGI BANDIERA Researcher and Curator *(for Stringing + STY)