the ring by Giulia Maiorano

Py was born from a project in which minerals play by overlapping geographical images, creating a spatial-architectural connection between them.

Py is the chemical abbreviation for Pyrite, the stone chosen to make the ring. Its multi-faceted composition refers to a surreal landscape, a series of roofs glistening in the sun seen from above.

The term Pyrite derives from the Greek πῦρ pyr (fire) in fact it can create sparks if rubbed with metal, an inherent characteristic of the ring that gives it a sort of its own magical energy.

The ring is thus composed of Pyrite, silver worked in its structural part and a particular finger of natural bronze that supports it when not worn, its pedestal.

Round band ring in 925 Silver; bezel adapted and shaped faceted for the mineral. Hand crafted natural bronze finger.

Get in touch writing to info@contemporaryattitude.com if you wish to learn more about this project and/or purchase the ring.


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