LAMBDA shirt 
the shirt by artist duo LU.PA

a project curated by Giuliana Benassi

In Plato's Symposium he said that human beings were not divided by gender, each of them had four arms, four legs and two heads: they were the hermaphrodites. Over time they became impatient with the gods and were therefore divided into two parts with lightning. The original couple consisted of two women, two men or one man and one woman.

Wearing the LU.PA Lambda-shirt sounds like returning to the original dimension to recompose that fracture broken by the divinities. That fracture that closely resembles the lambda, that is, the particular part of our skull that is located at the intersection of the sagittal lambdoid suture, also called the "toothed suture".

Like cherries, pecten jacobaeus or an apple divided in half, the Lambda-shirt is born united and lives divided, it is conceived as a whole and once the two halves are separated they can no longer go back together, while remaining unmistakably at the same time a unique thing.

The single double crutch by LU.PA comes together within the shirts.

Edition of 24
600 euros
Free shipping in Europe

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a collaboration between LU.PA&Gianluca Santoni for Contemporary Attitude

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