the t-shirt by Loredana Longo

One of the elements that characterizes Loredana Longo's research is the poetics of destruction.

The materiality of the objects is for the artist a complex and fragile game of balances that, by means of an explosion or a burn, can break, radically transforming the object into something new. 

Fire is the main element that changes the substance of things, removes and returns at the same time, gives matter a new aesthetic identity, a new life.

The Nobel T-shirt created by Loredana Longo for Contemporary Attitude comes from a performative action that made it possible to tear the fabric after activating an explosive device.
It is the fire that "designed" the circular hole on the shirt, turning the burn into a reproducible matrix on white t-shirts. Thus, the artistic gesture exorcises the political and destructive value of the explosion to transform it into an image to be worn.

Exploded Cotton T-shirt 
Unique piece

1200 euros                       SOLD OUT 

NOBEL T-shirt
Limited Edition 
of 199 pieces
available 195/199

160 euros 



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