Marco Biagini
︎High Visibility Burqa (2015)

/High visibility burqa  (2015)    

A performance presented on the occasion of the 56° Venice Biennale, 2015

Mute scream,
silents words.
A woman's call
a bright cage.
Shows what wants to hide
A mirror for the face.
A question, not a revenge.
Gold leave for the past,
Yellow fluo for now.
Ambiguos language, more meanings.
Fear of the enemy, Watch out!
Pure presence, just standing,


The world wants easy proteins to eat, sugar.
The artist wants to digest differently, the artist is a secret.
An art work can't be reduced to media's passwords. It's not fast food.
Media's like my work because they read politic situation inside it, actuality problems.
Someone choose to stand with me, someone against. Depends on the side they like more.
But, art it's not just media, just politic, it's always much more then this.
An art piece need to guide the observer to a higher level, to let himself ask some more questions.

Artist is advanced sensibility.
I'm not against muslims, and not pro-muslims as well.
I don't care about religion problems.
Religions are all the same to me.
I don't know them.
Poetry it's not against something, poetry is comprehension,
it changes yourself into something bigger, that comprehend more.
War it's me against you.
Poetry it's me and you, together.
I care about being inside a dress-cage.
I like burqa, they are special, a personal wall.
Beautiful prison.
I hate to be inside there.
I like that people don't watch me, and I can.
I would like to be invisible.
I like to say something about me, but don't want people knows it's me.
Why a man does a work on women's world?
I'm a man, son of a woman, married to a woman, father of women.
It concern me.
Why an Italian do a work on Muslim world?
It's one world, it concern everybody.
If people keep their curiosity high, art is working, art have a meaning.
If people are surprised, touched, feeded, if they will remember something after some years
that's a good sign.
If not, if they like t only for a couple of hours, it's not enough.
It means the society is distract, is not focused, out, and art no good enough.
Distract art for contemporary circus.
High visibility clothing are made to be easy visible, that's why all the street workers use them, that means light, pure light,
that's why I consider fluo colors as a parallel of gold leaf in ancient art, in mid-age period.
Pure light.
The exact opposite of black dress-cage.
It's a song of love, a song of light and shadow for women.

All images are courtesy of the artist

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