the t-shirt by Rachel Morellet

Sweating and sweat production are phenomenons that provide three main functions within the body. They participate in its regulation: by eliminating excess heat produced by the body; to its purification: by eliminating waste circulating in the blood; to its protection: by mixing with the sebum, the sweat forms a protection against frictions.

Sweating is also involved in metabolism activation by enhancing ventilation, blood circulation and hormonal activity. It occupies about 40% of our daily life and therefore that of our clothes; a quantity that one tries to forget, contrary to the moments when they are clean and when they are worn.

The Sweatshirts by Rachel Morellet are created by the transposition of natural tannins of plants and flowers onto the fabric itself, condensing these three moments and proposing an aesthetic to our bodies’ secretions, that our artificial society disapproves of.

Indeed the sweat stinks, it's true. However our body odor, our perfume, also play an important role in romantic relationships, producing the spark that will attract a potential partner. The armpits then bloom on T-shirts and shirts to highlight the power of pheromones, restoring their magic and poetry.

Morellet suggests you to try them especially when you are two in bed.

Limited edition of 20

Please get in touch to order your shirt, writing to info@contemporaryattitude.com


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