Luca Bosani
︎︎︎ C0037: A Gleam in the Fog, 2020
︎︎︎ C0034: The Gargantuan Shoe, 2020
︎︎︎ C0032: I Masnadieri Volanti, 2020

Luca Bosani (b.1990, Rho) recently left his teaching career in the arts to fully dedicate himself to pressing researches and investigations. Predominantly working in British and Italian territories, through his profession, he studies the mysterious events that influence the development of individual and collective identity. Deconstructing his own identity and gender, he proposes fluid and inclusive modes of being. Combining and confounding performance with traditional disciplines, he looks for answers to questions that might not have any.

Bosani is a certified U.P.O. (Unidentified Performing Objects) identifier.

/C0037: A Gleam in the Fog, 2020 

Statements of facts:

Early on the morning of 19/11/2020, while I was eating my two fried eggs (sunny-side-up) with melted Swiss cheese over them and Norwegian salmon under them, I was unpleasantly interrupted by a work call.

My colleague Julia had something very urgent to tell me: where the tributary river Oglio flows into main stem river Po, at 11pm of 18/11/2020, in proximity of the restaurant Pane, Amore e Fantasia, a strange object has been discovered.

A young local, of which I will not mention the name because outside of his flat beyond Italian Covid-19 curfew time, was out for a walk next to the river Po. The night was cold and foggy, but something extremely shining and glittering captured his attention in the darkness. He then reached the object, which looked very precious, collected it and brought it to home.

UPO (A Gleam in the Fog) - SU, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, polazired lens sunglasses, acrylics, mixed media, 17x16x17cm

The apprehensive mum of the young boy, waited for his return home awake and as soon as the young reached the house she tormented him with questions, until she found out what he discovered. Puzzled and disoriented, the following day, she called a friend which by chance or luck knows my colleague Julia.

Julia, which operates in the Emilia-Romagna region, was quickly informed by her loyal friend about the finding. She then reached the location and rapidly collected the object, mentioning to the family that this was a delicate matter and that only a certified explorer of sense could handle it.

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//C0034: The Gargantuan Shoe, 2020

Statements of facts:

On the evening of 11/10/2020, while I was in my office, working on the conundrum C0033 with no apparent success, my phone started ringing; I decided to answer.

A young woman, talking in English with a strong Italian accent, was abruptly trying to explain to me that an enormous shoe with a crooked tip appeared in her workplace. I tried to calm her down, asked her where she got my number and gently told her that, if she preferred, she could continue to describe me in Italian what happened.

She then told me, speaking in her mother tongue, that earlier that week, she contacted the London Met Police and a number of private investigators illustrating what happened at San Mei Gallery, where she is employed. None of the contacted agents believed her words, swiftly redirecting her towards a good doctor or psychiatrist.

Worried and bewildered, she began surfing the internet looking for an answer to her pressing questions. Typing on her web browser: 'reality investigator', and scrolling among many pages, she somehow found my phone number.

I told her that she might have reached the right person, and that I was ready to hear the story in every detail.

In her own words, now more calmly and precisely, she told me that on the morning of 07/10/2020, when she opened the door of San Mei Gallery to begin her shift, she found a gargantuan black shoe in the exhibition space.

She couldn't understand how such a big object entered the gallery and why it was there. She immediately called the director to advise her about what she had just acknowledged; while on the call, the strange object started propagating music in the whole room. Since then, the 'shoe' kept behaving this way, till the present moment.

Read the complete report ︎︎︎ here

Please note that our visit to San Mei gallery has been currently postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.

UPO (cornillano) – H, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, cowboy hat, acrylics, mixed media, 35x65x45cm
UPO (cornillano) – S, 2020, Materials after analysis Urethane, silicone, 70’s platform boots, studs, acrylics, polystyrene, mixed media, 45x70x45cm each

UPO (krishnasaar) – S, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, 70’s platform boots, studs, acrylics, polystyrene, mixed media, 45x70x18cm each

UPO (krishnasaar) – H, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, cowboy hat, acrylics, varnish, mixed media, 35x65x45cm

///C0032: I Masnadieri Volanti, 2020

UPO (buck moon) – S, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, acrylics, polystyrene, elastane, cotton, 45x65x25cm each

UPO (thunder moon) – S, 2020, Materials after analysis: Urethane, silicone, acrylics, polystyrene, elastane, cotton, 45x70x25cm each

Statement of facts:

At dusk of the 5th of July 2020, in a rural area of the Lombard countryside, two not clearly identifiable figures lifted up from the ground and disappeared into the darkness.

A beam of light that initially surrounded them, took them away. Yet a few moments earlier they were well anchored to the ground, constrained by earth's pull.

The photographic documentation of what happened is partial and fragmentary, it is not clear how these figures got to this place, nor how they vanished.

I myself, after visiting the location where the photographs were taken, remain rather confused about the course of events.

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Text and pictures are courtesy of the artist.


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