Mirko Canesi
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<<Working with sculptures and installations, the themes of my research are anthropocentrism, ecology and reality, pursuing the utopian idea of de-powering humans. Considering how far the detachment from reality is advancing in our society, I decided to limit my field of action to pre-existent elements, outlining a strict framework within which I operate in a contrast-position to expansive systems such as creativity or capitalism. I consider my work as a consequence of pre-defined processes. So, any kind of empathic reaction is part of the cognitive balancing act between the spectator and the project.

The objects of my interests are selected as they were raw materials from which I create the work, doing away with what is conventionally defined as “creativity”: by leveling the existent on a horizontal plane structured in a non-hierarchical and indefinite fashion, drawing on a neutral outlook like a primitive creature taken from the video-gaming universe; each of the single elements that make up reality melt into one another. By losing their historical layering, even the ideas may be seen as raw materials, generating autonomous sensations through their overlapping.

I’m interested in the idea of survival and of world-building fantasy that merge together different fictional universes by plying historical periods to form fully self-contained worlds. I draw on forms of creativity made available by the cultural industries among others, which I elaborate by adopting crafts practices from the decorative tradition.>>

Yes, pls..., 2020

SMP Polymers element on T-Shirt, water, flower

A collection of t-shirts that combines two very different objects and ideas: the one of a vase and that of a t-shirt.

The aesthetic of the vases recalls the elements represented in the first level of the futuristic jungle of Flashback (a platform game developed by Delphine software in 1992). They are designed with the addition of pigments, in order to simulate the effect of colored glass, and in transparent and elastic material, allowing the object to maintain an elasticity well suited to be worn, and thus guaranteeing impermeability to water.

Wearing a tee that can carry fresh flowers and water inside this sculpture, our body becomes a device subordinated to the plant we will carry and its own life.

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Yes, pls.... was first presented on the occasion of the collective exhibition Bye Bye His-Story, chapter 5050 at Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée. You can learn more about this exhibition here

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