Olga Fedorova
︎︎︎various artworks of 2020

All images are courtesy of the artist.

(...) In the parallel world I immerge myself into on a daily basis, everything begins with a colour spot, an idea, a glitch, and serves a yet diffuse vision that needs to take shape.

I'd say we cannot call it fashion per se, because my subject's clothes are rather a direct extension of their bodies, and their bodies is a direct extension of their personality, mind and spirit. My characters are entities rather than "personae", they come with a certain outfit because they are suggestive features. Like Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian divinity you can see in William Friedkin's film "The Exorcist".
He was the king of the demons of the wind and he was a bearer of storms. No wonder he is represented with the talons of an eagle and two pairs of wings. (...)*

*excerpt from an email sent by the artist 

dominating energies, 2020

Frog I and II, 2020

Playboy, 2020

Playboy II, 2020

Sisters, 2020

Student I and II, 2020

In 2020 Olga Fedorova realised a printed bathrobe for Tatjana Pieters Gallery, you can have a look at this project here

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