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Save the date: 25.02.2022

1800 Є ︎︎︎ ENQUIRY

In her last series of paintings, the artist fosters her interest about the potential meanings, conceptual and imaginative, of domestic objects and spaces. As on the set of a staged photography, she builds a scenario composed by delicate maps and shapes, where a complex thread of happenings run through. Generating in-depth questions about how time is perceived and how the human experience can be constructed, this artwork encourage us to contemplate emptiness and the suspension of the time we live in.

Rachele Sotgiu (Nuoro, 1984) has been working for more than ten years on possible narratives and significations of everyday objects and environments. Her production is developed within inventory and classification schemes, and with the use of diversified media. Silence and solitude are fundamental elements in her artistic practice, allowing the highlight sensuality and fractures in ordinary dynamics, tools and apparatuses.