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We steal from the young, take from the young, we suck their nectar right out of them, to give it to you. This is how SUCK THE YOUNG works: each playlist is curated by an invited fountain of youth, you click on the playlist and take it all in.
Ah yes, age is not the factor, youth is a condition.

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Ambient Intimacy

by Vittorio Valigi
However expressive, symbols can never be the things they stand for.

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Flirting with the world

by Luigi Bandiera
The world snucks into my room somehow and we ended up naked. 

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Too Soon

by Laura Chiara Antoniacci
Too late

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Sleep Safe

by Alberto Ruvoletto

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young 4gotten blessed sexual angel

by Lilly aka Yumeko Finale

Games of levitation

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young 4gotten blessed sexual angel

by Yourcarli

La risposta risiede nelle carte

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drifting on sonic raft

by Abramo Williamson

Exploring the arbric by everything I’ve left behind

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I’m a shadow’s shadow

by Néan Nin

One more song, Jeremiah Devitt

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The never-ending stream

by Lorenzo BITW

Drip down the water

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surface tension

by Leone

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rather not

by Maya Crux

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