Perpetually Changing
the Meaning of
what was Spiritually Intended

a filmed performance by Sanjeshka with Giacomo Vanelli

screening on Contemporary Attitude
from 28.02.2022 to 14.03.2022,
with an introduction by Eleonora Angiolini

Conceived in collaboration with Italian musician Giacomo Vanelli, ‘Perpetually Changing the Meaning of what was Spiritually Intended’ is a filmed 58-minute performance, consisting of the intertwined movement between live music composition and spoken word poetry.

The architecture of the space frames the view of the two fixed cameras, becoming the stage where two bodies move softly and mechanically, articulating sounds that define a perceptive and reflective, a fluid and technological field of action.
An array of film excerpts from Sanjeshka’s visual archive unfolds through the use of a green screen, while she recites her spoken word, sings a Jugo pop-rock love song and plays on the repetitiveness of words and concepts, foretelling of possible sensory redemptions to come.

Although the courtship between words and music does not follow specific rules of storytelling, it does however depict a spoken narrative where repetition is a form of galvanization and an act of consciousness towards the temporality of the technological and sociological environment we live in. With ‘Perpetually Changing the Meaning of what was Spiritually Intended’, Sanjeshka elevates her spoken word in performative practice and turns it into an active event where the public is not necessarily called upon to participate, yet invited to allow the messages to seduce and resonate.
But still, the question remains: “Who is making these cute felted Guinea pigs?”*