BOOMing Contemporary Art Show
2-5 February 2023
Bologna (IT)

Martina Camani curated by Eleonora Angiolini
Sanjeshka curated by Chiara Spagnol
(download here the text by Chiara Spagnol)

+ Sanjeshka and Giacomo Vanelli performing live on the 5th of February, at 5pm
Perpetually Changing the Meaning of what was Spiritually Intended
curated by Eleonora Angiolini
learn more about the performance here

Curators Eleonora Angiolini and Chiara Spagnol selected the projects by Martina Camani and Sanjeshka to participate to the special project of the art fair.

The protagonists of the Generation(Z) special project are the "Ultracontemporaries", a market phenomenon that emerged in 2022 with the commercial success of the very young at international auctions, but above all children and mirrors of their time: explorers of the superhuman between real and digital, monsters collectors, narrators of new and fluid identities, desecrators and free creators of fairer and more sustainable worlds. On display projects by artists and curators under 33, born after 1990. An opportunity to discover the new proposals of the best emerging galleries, but also independent collectives, new hybrid realities and non-profit spaces.